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Platinum Egypt Series II

18-Day Package with a 7-day Super Deluxe Nile Cruise

ONLY $7549.00!! per person

based on double occupancy

Tour Highlights:
Dot.gif (227 bytes) Round trip air from the U.S. Dot.gif (227 bytes) Domestic flights in Egypt based on first class seating if available on aircraft Dot.gif (227 bytes) All transfers and sightseeing operated by private car and guides Dot.gif (227 bytes) 7-day super deluxe Nile cruise based on an outside junior suite cabin Dot.gif (227 bytes) Abu-Simbel tour  Dot.gif (227 bytes) Pyramids & Sphinx Dot.gif (227 bytes) Solar Boat Museum Dot.gif (227 bytes) Memphis and Sakkara Dot.gif (227 bytes) Step Pyramid of Zoser Dot.gif (227 bytes) Pyramid of Unas Dot.gif (227 bytes) Camel ride at the pyramids Dot.gif (227 bytes) Egyptian Museum Dot.gif (227 bytes) Mummy Room Dot.gif (227 bytes) Mohammed Ali Mosque Dot.gif (227 bytes) Citadel of Salah-El-Din Dot.gif (227 bytes) Ibn Tulun Mosque Dot.gif (227 bytes) Sultan Hassan Mosque Dot.gif (227 bytes) Jewish Synagogue Dot.gif (227 bytes) Churches of Old Cairo Dot.gif (227 bytes) Bazaar Dot.gif (227 bytes) Sound and Light in Cairo Dot.gif (227 bytes) Sound and Light in Isis Temple Dot.gif (227 bytes) Sound and Light in Karnak Temple Dot.gif (227 bytes) Oasis of Fayoum Dot.gif (227 bytes) Maidum Dot.gif (227 bytes) Dahshur Dot.gif (227 bytes) Dinner at an Egyptian home Dot.gif (227 bytes) A visit to a Nubian Home Dot.gif (227 bytes) Nubian Museum Dot.gif (227 bytes) Dinner cruise in Cairo Dot.gif (227 bytes) Pharaonic Village Dot.gif (227 bytes) Dendera Dot.gif (227 bytes) Abydos Dot.gif (227 bytes) King Tut Tomb Dot.gif (227 bytes) Madinet Habu Dot.gif (227 bytes) Luxor Museum Dot.gif (227 bytes) Tomb of Nefertari Dot.gif (227 bytes) Newly opened Tomb of Tausert Dot.gif (227 bytes) Alexandria  Dot.gif (227 bytes) Gayer Anderson Museum Dot.gif (227 bytes) Manyal Palace Dot.gif (227 bytes) Islamic Museum Dot.gif (227 bytes) Coptic Museum Dot.gif (227 bytes) Deluxe Hotels as indicated Dot.gif (227 bytes) All entrance fees, guidance and taxes Dot.gif (227 bytes)
Day Itinerary
Day 01 Depart U.S.A. on a scheduled flight to Cairo. All meals and beverages served on board flight.
Day 02 Arrive Cairo where you will be met by our representative who will help you with your immigration and customs formalities. Later you will be transferred to your hotel, the luxurious Mena House Oberoi Hotel, for dinner and overnight. (D)

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Travel with Egypt Tours and Travel; the company with the pampering touch.

Day 03 After breakfast drive to Memphis at the edge of the Western Desert, the capital of the ancient kingdom, and one of the most important cities throughout the history of Ancient Egypt. From here we drive to Sakkara, the vast necropolis of Ancient Memphis. Visit the Step Pyramid of Zoser (3rd Dynasty, 2668 BC - 2649 BC). Then visit the Pyramid of Unas, the last kind of the 5th Dynasty. In the afternoon, drive to the Pyramids of Giza. Cheops Pyramid, the largest of the three, was built in the 4th dynasty about 2690 BC, and is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. In front of the Pyramid of Chephren (Khafre), there stands the Sphinx carved from a single piece of stone. It is a lion with a Pharaoh's head thought to be a portrait of the Pharaoh Chephren (Kafre). Continue our tour to the Solar Boat Museum where a dismantled river barge of King Cheops (Khufu) was found, and has been masterfully re-assembled. Transfer back to your hotel. Later in the evening you will be met and transferred to the magnificent Sound and Light show at the Giza Plateau. Later transfer back to your hotel for dinner and overnight. (B,D)

The Bent Pyramid

The Giza plateau during the sound & light show

Day 04 Breakfast, then start your tour by visiting the Egyptian Museum, famous for its antiquities from Egypt's Pharaonic period, which dates back some 50 centuries and includes the fabulous treasures of King Tut-Ankh-Amon. A special visit to the Mummy Room. Afternoon excursion to Old Cairo, visiting the old Coptic Churches and the oldest Jewish Synagogue of Beni Ezra. Continue your visit to the Citadel of Salah El-Din and the Mohammed Ali, the Ibn Tulun and the Sultan Hassan Mosques, followed by a visit to the Medieval Bazaars of Khan-El-Khalili, where you can bargain for your jewelry and hand-tooled leather items. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight. (B,D)

The Liberty Cruise Ship

The luxurious cruise ship, the M/S Liberty. All outside Junior Suite cabins with private verandas (balconies).

Day 05 Breakfast, then you will be met and transferred to Cairo Airport for your flight to Abu-Simbel. Upon arrival at Abu-Simbel Airport, you will be transferred to visit the great Temple hewn in rock with the four colossal seated statues of the King in front of the entrance. It was dedicated to Amun-Ra, the Horakkhti, and Ramses II. Then visit the temple of the King's wife, which was threatened by the waters upon the completion of the Aswan High Dam and has been preserved by international action organized by UNESCO. All parts of the temple (statues, inscribed slabs, etc.) have been rebuilt on a plateau above the former site. Return to Abu-Simbel Airport for your flight back to Aswan. Upon arrival at Aswan Airport, you will be met and transferred to embark your super deluxe cruise ship (outside junior suite cabin). Later you will visit by "Felucca" the Elephantine Island, the Mausoleum of Agha Khan, the Botanical Gardens. Lunch and in the afternoon you will be met by our representative in Aswan and transferred to the Nubian Villages to see the local Nubian people. You will be escorted to one of their homes for a cup of tea, get to see and experience their unique culture and their way of life. Later you will be transferred back to the ship. In the evening, you will be met and transferred to the Temple of Isis to attend the impressive Sound and Light performance. Transfer back to your cruise ship for dinner and overnight. (B,L,D)


A typical outside junior cabin suite aboard the luxurious M/S Liberty

Day 06 Breakfast, then a visit to the Unfinished Obelisk at the Ancient Granite Quarries, and the High Dam. Lunch. Then visit the temple that was built and dedicated to Isis on Philae island. A private and special visit to the Nubian Museum that displays Nubian History from the past to present time. Transfer back to ship. Cruise to Kom-Ombo. Visit the Ptolemaic Temple of Kom-Ombo, which was dedicated to two gods: The Crocodile god Sobek and the Falcon-Headed god Haroeris. Sail to Edfu. Dinner, then attend a Galabiya and Costume Party. Overnight on board. (B,L,D)

Philae Temple

Aswan: Philae Temple

Day 07 Breakfast, then a visit to the Temple of Horus in Edfu (237 BC), the best preserved Egyptian temple in existence. Lunch. Sail to Esna and visit the Temple of the god Khnum. Continue to Luxor. Dinner and overnight on board. (B,L,D)


The beautiful lobby of the luxurious M/S Liberty cruise ship

Day 08 Breakfast, then cross the Nile to visit the Necropolis of Ancient Thebes. Explore the valleys of the Kings and Queens where tombs of 64 pharaohs and 57 queens have been discovered, and enter some of the most remarkable burials. Visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon. Lunch, dinner and overnight on board. (B,L,D)


Enjoy the refreshing swimming pool while aboard the Liberty


The lounge bar and discotheque aboard the Liberty cruise ship

Day 09 Breakfast, then visit the Temple of Karnak, which took over 1500 years to build and is considered the world's largest religious complex. Then a visit to the Temple of Luxor, which was started by Amenhotep III and completed by Ramses II. Dinner and overnight on board. (B,L,D)

Osiris Shrine

Dendera: Osiris Shrine in Hathor Temple

Day 10 Breakfast, then visit the Temple of Dendera whose construction was initiated by the Ptolemies. Dendera is dedicated to Hathor, the Cow Goddess, known as the "Golden One". Later transfer back to the ship, where you will be met by our tour guide and taken to the Tomb of the Nobles, which is vividly painted with naturalistic scenes of agriculture, fishing, fowling, feasting and junketing. Continue your tour to the famous King Tut Tomb and visit the very large temple of Ramses III known as Medinet Habu which depicts the battle reliefs on the exterior of the temple. End the tour by visiting the Luxor Museum. Overnight on board (B,L,D)

LobbyDining Room

The beautiful lobby and dining room at the Winter Palace hotel in Luxor

Day 11 Breakfast, then disembark your cruise ship, where you will be met and transferred to the Old Winter Palace hotel in Luxor. Later you will be met and transferred for a special visit to the newly opened tomb of "Nefertari", the beloved Queen of King Ramses II and consists of 25 chambers. It is magnificent and truly a highlight to the trip. Continue your tour to visit the Tomb of Queen Tausert, the wife of King Seth II. That tomb was usurped by King Set Nakht who changed some of its inscriptions and added to its original construction. Transfer back to your hotel. In the evening you will be met by our tour escort and transferred to the Karnak Temple of attendthe spectacular Sound and Light Show. Later transfer back to your hotel for dinner and overnight. (B,D)


The gorgeous swimming pool at the Winter Palace hotel

Day 12 Breakfast and a day at leisure or for shopping. In the evening you will be met and transferred to Luxor Airport for your flight back to Cairo. Upon arrival at Cairo Airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel, the luxurious Cairo Marriott Hotel & Casino, for dinner and overnight. (B,D)
Day 13 Breakfast, then transfer from Cairo to Alexandria (about a 3-hour ride). Upon arrival, start your sightseeing by visiting the Greco-Roman Museum, which contains statues, bas reliefs, pottery, jewelry, marble pieces and other artifacts, all of which give you a picture of the grandeur of Alexandria in its Greek and Roman days. Then visit the Roman amphitheater which is the only known Amphitheater from the Roman Era in Egypt. Lunch at a local restaurant to experience the delicious seafood at Alexandria. Continue your tour to the Catacombs of Kom-El-Shouqafa. These tombs are remarkable for their unusual mixture of art styles, sculpture, and reliefs which are images of Egyptian gods. Continue your tour to visit Pompey's Pillar which is a column 98 feet high and 7 feet thick, made of Aswan rose granite erected in 297 AD. Transfer to the Montazah Sheraton Hotel in Alexandria for an overnight. (B,L)
Day 14 Breakfast and a free day to explore Alexandria's downtown on your own or walk the beaches or go for a swim. In the evening transfer back to Cairo to the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Casino for dinner and overnight. (B,D)

The Bent Pyramid

Dashur: The Bent Pyramid

Day 15 Breakfast, then visit Fayoum, Egypt's largest oasis, overlooking Lake Qarun, a popular spot for hunting and fishing. Visit the remains of the temple and pyramid of Amenhat III and Wasr Qarun, a well-preserved temple from the Greco-Roman Era. Lunch at the Auberge El-Fayoum Hotel overlooking the lake. Then continue the tour to Maidum. The Pyramid of Maidum was originally a seven-stepped pyramid, which was enlarged to an eight-stepped pyramid. Eventually the steps were filled in and a smooth outer facing converted it into a true Pyramid. It is a huge structure surrounded by debris from the casing that collapsed. The maidum Pyramid is thought to have been started by Huni, the last ruler of the 4th dynasty and then completed by his son Sneferu. Sneferu was the first of the 4th Dynasty Pharaohs (2613 - 2494 BC). A little north of the Maidum Pyramid are the remains of the Seila Step Pyramid, which is made of limestone and is thought to be from the 2nd Dynasty. Transfer back to your hotel for an overnight. (B,L)
Day 16 Breakfast, then drive to Dahshur to visit the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. The builder of these Pyramids is thought to have been Sneferu, who is believed to have built the Pyramid of Maidum. His son was Cheops (Khufu) who continued his construction tendencies. Continue our tour to the Pyramid of Abu Sir which was constructed during the 5th Dynasty (between 2455 and 2443 BC) by Sahu Ra as his burial tomb. A short distance southeast of Sahu Ra Pyramid, we visit the Mastaba of Ptahshepses which is another Fifth-Dynasty personage. It was built between 2416 and 2392 BC. Transfer back to your hotel. In the evening you will be met and transferred to an Egyptian home for a traditional dinner and to get acquainted with the local people. Tour the home and engage in a friendly social discussion to get to know the Egyptian people and their way of life. Later you will be transferred back to your hotel for an overnight. (B,D)

Belly Dancer

A belly dancer at an Egyptian nightclub

Day 17 Breakfast, then visit the beautiful Pharaonic Village. It is a complete island that was built as a replica of Ancient Egypt. It takes you back 5000 years into history where you will see about 100 actors and actresses depicting the ancient Egyptians' way of life, their art, their craft, paper and perfume making etc., and demonstrating how they used to live, work, dress and perform all their daily chores. It also contains a complete replica of King Tut's Tomb. It is indeed a wonderful experience. Continue our tour to visit the Gayer Anderson Museum, the Manyal Palace, the Islamic Museum as well as the Coptic Museum. In the evening you will be met and transferred for a dinner cruise and show on the Nile where you will enjoy Egyptian belly dancing and a folklore show. Transfer back to your hotel for an overnight. (B,D)


Cairo: One of the temples at the Pharaonic Village

Day 18 Breakfast, then you will be met by our representative and transferred to Cairo Airport, where you will be helped with your check-in and immigration formalities for your flight back home. (B)

Also Included: All transfers within Egypt. Personalized sightseeing as mentioned in itinerary, in a private car, with a tour guide and a driver including entrance fees to sights mentioned. Included as well, airport departure tax and the service charges imposed by hotels, port charges, VAT tax, porterage, meeting and assistance at airports, hotels and docks.

Not Included:  Items of a personal nature such as laundry, alcoholic beverages, telephone calls, visa charge and tips.

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: For single occupancy in hotels and aboard cruise ship, please add $1369.

Departure from other gateway cities is available as follows:  Departure out of Boston, please add $129. Departure out of Washington, D.C., add $149. Departure out of Chicago, please add $259. Departure out of Los Angeles, please add $369, or call for your city.

If airfare from the U.S.A. is not required, please deduct $920 from posted rate.

If you need a different package, we will customize it for you.

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